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10 Stunning Examples of Above the Fold Content to Hook Your Visitors!

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As the saying goes, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.  First impressions on your website are crucial. If you “above the fold” content doesn’t catch your visitor’s attention when they land on your site, they might not stick around.  But, if you make a good first impression, you are going to increase the chances they stick around to convert to a sale or lead.

If you don’t quite remember what “above the fold” is, here’s a quick refresh – Above the fold is the first space in your web page that appears on a screen before a visitor needs to start scrolling down. This can also be referred to as the bottom of a browser window or it can be measured as 600 pixels from the top of the page.

The term above the fold comes from before the digital days.  If you ever have purchased a newspaper from a kiosk, they are usually folded in half, so passerby could only see the top half of the front page.  If they didn’t like what they saw, they would wall right by and sales would be down.  That’s why it is so important to put your most interesting content “above the fold”.

We’ve collected some amazing examples of great “above the fold” content that you can use as inspiration.

1. Hubspot

above the fold hubspot

Hubspot is all about growth, the “above the fold” demonstrates exactly that.  The image suggests starting out a small business and growing into something BIG.  The headline is clear and catches the visitors attention which is followed by a great sub-headline.  Then there’s a compelling offer of free software on the CTA button.

2. Bluehost

bluehost above the fold

Bluehost uses a clever approach, an image on the right with the person looking towards the text, which directs the reader’s eyes there.  When they look, they see a headline, an appealing reduced price and a short list of key benefits.  Underneath is a visible CTA button urging readers to get started.

3. Century 21

century 21 above the fold

Century 21 features an attractive design.  There is a focus on searching for properties immediately, but you also have access to useful navigation.  Furthermore, you also are able to see properties that are near you.

4. Airbnb

airbnb above the fold

Minimalism is the approach Airbnb takes on their homepage.  With the use of just one sentence, you are drawn to start searching their site.  A breathtaking visual evokes a spirit of exploration.

5. Udemy

udemy above the fold

Udemy uses simple imagery that works in tandem with the headline, letting users know Udemy offers top-rated, 5-star learning.  You can search for a course immediately.  Just below are a few features that are very clear and concise.

6. Netflix

netflix above the fold

The design Netflix uses positions the brand as the #1 alternative to traditional movie-going in just seven words!  The bright, eye-catching CTA button combined with great copy that is sure to drive conversions.


A sophisticated and minimalist design is used very effectively here.  Consumers have the option to easily shop the Mens or Womens collection.  Additionally, consumers will immediately notice the free shipping on all orders in the top bar.

8. Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical thrives on personalization, yet offers a cost-effective alternative to stores like Lenscrafters.  The above the fold features appealing visuals.  The clear navigation makes it super easy for customers to find exactly what they are shopping for.

9. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender has created an awesome page.  With all the money people spend on the fitness industry, it’s refreshing to see a message that promises workout videos for free.  You also have male and female models who both look fitness-ready, capturing and motivating the audience.

10. Nest

nest above the fold

Great use of simple imagery and copy tell you exactly what you can expect with a Nest system.  The CTA button tells customers exactly what they should do next.  They also feature a free shipping bar the customers see immediately.

What’s your favourite site for above the fold inspiration?  Tell us below.

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